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The Keka Project

Going forward, this will be the new project site for Keka. Thanks to Network Redux, the project has now a virtual server to play!

You can also go to the SourceForge project page of Keka, which is still active, but should be considered secondary.

If you're looking for the source code of Keka, at this moment no repository is active so you can find it at SourceForge. The latest is Keka Not 1.0 source yet.

Not too much to say at this moment, time will fill this page :)


As Keka is opensource, everyone can contribute and improve the project: report a problem, answer others' problems, patch some code, translate to a language... Anyone is welcome!

  • Search a ticket -- Please search first, maybe your problem/request is discussed somewhere already...
  • Create a new ticket -- If the top item does not help, use this link to write new bugs or feature requests.
  • List open tickets -- If you have time and want to contribute, list the open tickets and see where you can try to contribute something for the project! Maybe you can become a Keka developer too...

If you have some hard skills and want to make some code/UI just let it know in the tracker or at, I really need a "right hand".