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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#15 Operation failed with error 10 compressing large directory. defect blocker Keka 1.0
#25 Mac App Store aONe enhancement blocker Keka 1.0
#29 security risk plain text password aONe defect blocker Keka 1.0.5 p7zip
#40 Drag and Drop fails after Save/Open panel defect blocker Keka 1.0.1
#88 Fail to unpack .tar files with OS X 10.9 Mavericks aONe defect blocker Keka 1.0.4
#16 Keka hung after compressing directory. Crashed when attempted to close. aONe defect critical Keka 1.0
#27 Quitting immediately after submitting incorrect password causes crash defect critical
#28 keka freeze when compress large file defect critical Keka 1.0
#46 Zip creation fails with unknown error 11 defect critical Keka 1.0.1
#47 Error code 11 using "p7zip" defect critical Keka 1.0.1
#62 Does not close the application aONe defect critical Keka 1.0.4
#64 Feature Request - Multi-extract (Tarball) aONe enhancement critical Keka 1.0.5
#68 Can't unzip multi volums enhancement critical
#82 splitting 7zips aONe defect critical Keka 1.0.5
#105 Extraction failed defect critical Keka 1.0.5
#109 Fatal Error Message defect critical Keka 1.0.5 None
#12 Archive items as single items aONe enhancement major Keka 1.0
#18 ZIP and 7z encryption using what strength cipher aONe enhancement major Keka 1.0.5
#19 No alert when permissions insufficient defect major Keka 1.0
#22 Simultaneous extracting aONe enhancement major Keka 1.0
#26 Open Archive without extracting aONe enhancement major Future ideas
#35 Updating p7zip and Unrar, Typo Correction, Rucksack vs. Keka Round 2, and RAR Compression Suggestion aONe enhancement major Keka 1.0
#43 Solid and encrypt names not working defect major Keka 1.0.1
#45 Problems opening password protected .rar files aONe defect major Keka 1.0.2
#52 Trouble with Big Fish Games installer files defect major
#56 Create DMG never ends v1.0.2 aONe defect major Keka 1.0.4
#66 Split function causes Zip to fail defect major Keka 1.0.5
#73 "Keka" is damaged defect major
#75 Do not use Growl / Notification Center notifications aONe enhancement major Keka 1.0.5
#90 German localization shows same description for fast/slow and fastes/slowes method aONe defect major Keka 1.0.5
#97 Support XZed tarballs (.tar.xz / .txz) aONe enhancement major Keka 1.0.5
#98 AES 256 task major Keka 1.0.5
#104 Hidden extension added to output name if input has a dot aONe defect major Keka 1.0.5
#108 Can't extract rar aONe defect major Keka 1.0.4 unrar
#111 Keka not preserving permissions on zip files defect major Keka 1.0.5 p7zip
#17 Icon ändern enhancement minor
#20 Very slow extraction of .ace files defect minor
#21 Spelling Error defect minor Keka 1.0
#23 Create new folder on extraction aONe enhancement minor Keka 1.0
#33 Extract to location: always extracts to same folder as compressed original defect minor
#39 Growl Update enhancement minor Keka 1.0
#41 Auto-close not always working aONe defect minor Keka 1.0.2
#42 Double notification in Growl 1.3.3 defect minor Keka 1.0.2
#44 No paste shortcut in tasks window defect minor Keka 1.0.1
#51 deleting multi-file rar aONe defect minor Keka 1.0.7 Core
#53 Typos in v1.0.2 Preferences defect minor Keka 1.0.3
#54 Incorrect identification of CBZ archives aONe defect minor Keka 1.0.3
#57 Keka Icon shows "-1" in Launchpad aONe defect minor Keka 1.0.4
#58 Mountain Lion Notifications Center Support aONe enhancement minor Keka 1.0.4
#59 Keka compatibility with Hiss aONe defect minor Keka 1.0.4
#63 password protection defect minor
#65 Auto-close behavior broken defect minor Keka 1.0.4
#71 Can't "Put Back" from trash if file was deleted by Keka enhancement minor Future ideas Core
#74 Keka always cancels Mac shutdown or reboot defect minor Keka 1.0.4
#76 TGZ & TBZ with full path defect minor Keka 1.0.4
#78 errors with decompressing LARGE amount of files defect minor Keka 1.0.5 p7zip
#79 Support for LHA aONe enhancement minor Keka 1.0.5
#80 Keka won't close automatically after extraction anymore defect minor Keka 1.0.4
#83 Perhaps move to GitHub enhancement minor Keka 1.0.7 None
#86 "Disquete" is spelled wrong defect minor Keka 1.0.4
#89 Keka icon in the dock pixelated under Snow Leopard (assets) aONe defect minor Keka 1.0.5 Interface
#91 No error message if password is entered incorrectly for multi-part 7z defect minor Future ideas p7zip
#94 .tar.gz files expanded in two steps aONe enhancement minor Keka 1.0.5
#95 Doc icon keeps bouncing at random times (OS X 10.9. - Keka 1.0.4 (740)) defect minor Keka 1.0.5
#96 Typos in Japanese locale aONe defect minor Keka 1.0.5
#103 Mac to Windows Problem defect minor Keka 1.0.5
#107 context menu not work defect minor Keka 1.0.5 Interface
#110 Disable Sound - Mavericks Notification defect minor Keka 1.0.5 None
#127 Context menu compresses files separately defect minor To be fixed Core
#37 My Benchmark Testing of Keka task trivial Future ideas
#49 Operation done sound customization enhancement trivial Keka 1.0.2
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